CCC Scientific papers


Only the most recent articles are listed below. For a more extensive list of the CCC publications please click here.

1. "Neutron imaging with the XPAD3-S hybrid pixel detector", F. Cassol Brunner, N. , Kardjilov, J.-C. Clémens, C. Morel, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A. 634 (2011): 85-90
2. "Développement de détecteurs à pixels hybrides pour le comptage de rayons X : une ouverture vers la tomodensitométrie spectrale", C. Morel, F. Debarbieux, Conf. Rec. 12ème Colloque de la Société Française des Microscopies, edited by M. Schmutz, 2011, pp. 197-200, Conference : 12ème Colloque de la Société Française des Microscopies, 27 juin -1er juil 2011, Strasbourg, France
3. "Repeated imaging of lung cancer development using PIXSCAN, a low dose micro-CT scanner based on XPAD hybrid pixel detectors", F. Debarbieux, A. Bonissent, P. Breugnon, F. Cassol Brunner, P. Delpierre, C. Hemmer, J.-C. Clémens, B. Dinkespiler, J. Luchino, F. Mann, C. Meessen, E. Vigeolas, G. Rougon, C. Morel, IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 57 (2010) 242-245
4. "Development of an anthropomorphic breast phantom for combined PET, B-mode ultrasound and elastographic imaging", Jun Dang , Benjamin Frisch, Philippe Lasaygues, Dachun Zhang, Stefaan Tavernier, Nicolas Felix, Paul Lecoq, Etiennette Auffray, Joao Varela, Serge Mensah, and Mingxi Wan, IEEE Trans Nucl Science. accepted on 5/1/2011., to be published in issue TNS June 2011.
5. "Studies on Dual Readout Calorimetry with Meta-Crystals", G. Mavromanolakis, E. Auffray, P. Lecoq, To be published in Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record (NSS/MIC), Knoxville, USA, October 31-November 6 2010
6. "Correction of random events for a dual-head PEM detector", Ferreira, Cláudia S; Bugalho, Ricardo; Martins, Mónica V.; Matela, Nuno; Varela, João; Almeida, Pedro, Poster presentation at the SNM 2011 meeting, Texas - USA
7. "Performances and Applications of the CdTe- and Si-XPAD3 photon counting 2D detector" , K. Medjoubi, S. Hustache, F. Picca, J.-F. Bérar, N. Boudet, F. Bompard, P. Breugnon, J.-C. Clémens, A. Dawiec, P. Delpierre, B. Dinkespiler, S. Godiot, J.-P. Logier, M. Menouni, C. Morel, M. Nicolas, P. Pangaud, E. Vigeolas, (2011). JINST 6 C01080.
Conference : iWoRiD'2010, 12th International Workshop on Radiation Imaging Detectors, Jul 11-15 2010, Cambridge, U.K.
8. "Development of a PCI Express based readout electronics for the XPAD3 X-ray photon counting imager", A.Dawiec, B. Dinkespiler, P. Breugnon, F. Bompard, K. Arnaud, P.-Y. Duval, S. Godiot, S. Hustache, K. Medjoubi, J.-F. Bérar, N. Boudet, C. Morel (2010), Conf. Rec. IEEE Real-Time'2010, IEEE Press. Conference : IEEE Real-Time'2010, 17th Real-Time Conference on Real-Time Computer Applications in Nuclear, Particle and Plasma Physics, May 24-28 2010, Lisbon, Portugal
9. "Calorimetry with metacable", E. Auffray, P. Lecoq, G. Mavromanolakis, To be published in proceedings of the Calor2010 conference, Beijing, China, May 10-14 2010.
10. "Choosing the Art relaxation parameter for Clear-PEM 2D image reconstruction", J. Mesquita, N. Matela, N. Oliveira, M.V. Martins, P. Almeida , Comp. Biol. Med. 98 (2010 ) 183–190.
11. "System Matrix Calculation for 2D Image Reconstruction Algorithms for the Clear PEM" Scanner" , N. Matela, M. V. Martins, N. Oliveira, P. Rodrigues, A. Trindade, J. Varela, P. D. Almeida, Int J Tomogr Stat, (2010), vol13, nW10, pp 98-125.
12. "A feasibility study of photosensor charge signal transmission to preamplifier using long cable for development of hybrid PET-MRI", J. Kang, Y. Choi, K.J. Hong, J. H. Jung, W. Hu, Y. S. Huh, H. K. Lim, B-T Kim, Medical Physics, 2010; 37(11):5655-5664.
13. "Nonlinear least-squares modeling of 3D interaction position in a monolithic scintillator block" , Zhi LI, M. Wedrowski, P, Bruyndonckx, G. Vandersteen. Phys. Med Biol. 55(2010)6515-6532.
14. "A Simple and Improved Digital Timing Method for Positron Emission Tomography", W Hu, Y. Choi, K. J. Hong, J. Kang, J. H. Jung, Y. S. Huh, H. K. Lim, S. S. Kim, B. T. Kim, Nuclear Instrumentation and Methods in Physics Research, A 2010; 622:219-224.
15. "Development of a position decoder circuit for PET consisting of GAPD arrays" , J.H. Jung, Y. Choi, K.J. Hong, W. Hu, J. Kang, B.J. Min, S, H, Shin, H.K. Lim, Y.S. Huh, E.J. Kim, Nuclear Instrumentation. and Methods in Physics Research, A 2010; 621:310-315.
16. "Bridgman growth and site occupation in LuAG:Ce scintillator crystals", A.G.Petrosyan, K.L.Ovanesyan, R.V.Sargsyan, G.O.Shirinyan, D.Abler, E.Auffray, P.Lecoq, C.Dujardin, C.Pedrini, J. Crystal Growth, Vol 312, (2010) 3136-3142.
17. "A GATE simulation study of a fan-beam collimator for SPECT mammography", Ricardo Capote, P. Almeida, Poster presentation at the EANM 2010 Congress – Vienna – Austria.
18. "Initial Evaluation of Real Data Obtained With the Clear-PEM Scanner", Sofia Ferreira, P. Almeida et al, Oral presentation at the EANM 2010 Congress – Viena – Austria.
19. "The ClearPEM breast Imaging scanner", E. Albuquerque, ..., S. Tavernier, et al., The 12the Vienna conference on instrumentation, 15-20 February 2010. oral presentation. To be published in the proceedings.
20. "LuAG:Ce fibers for high energy calorimetry", C.Dujardin, D.Abler, E.Auffray, P.Lecoq, C.Mancini, D.Amans, G.Ledoux, D.Perrodin, K.Ovanesyan, A.Petrosyan, J. Applied Phys., 2010, 108, 1013510.
21. "CAD em Mamografia: Estado da Arte e Potencialidades Clínicas", N. Oliveira, N. Matela, L. Janeiro, L. Freire, M. Pereira, P. Almeida; Acta Radiológica Portuguesa, Vol.XXII, nº 86, pág. 21-22, Abr.-Jun., 2010.